Our Process

It's simple, Getting to know you, Desigining Phase, Production Phase and Handover.

Project starts with a cup of tea, where we brainstorm your thoughts and own ideas for getting the basic idea on which we start working. Then we visit the location to take a more detailed brief. Then we mix up the things and begin the creative process by drawings and references. We then meet up for a cup of tea again to show you all the hardwork we put up in your dream space. According to the approvals and changes we revise things and freez them. Then a schedule is made and we hit the space.

In Summary

  • A design contract thats suits all your aspects, that keeps you completely in control of your finances.
  • A transparent way of working.
  • A technical capability to work seamlessly with professionals such as your architect, structural engineer and other consultants
  • A focus on ultimately delivering the very best lifestyle.
  • A design fee that is a fixed rate regardless of the size or stage of the project.

Ankush Mittal

Ankush expresses his enduring passion for design in the homes he creates for clients. And whether the homes are across the city, country or around the world, his goal is constant: to design a home that reflects the highest ideals of the people who live there.

Parul Mittal

She is the backbone of Pixilo Design, From desigining, managing, sourcing, contacting she do all the work, her goal is constant: to deliver what we made within your budget and time.

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